Once in a long while your ear catches the sound of a voice that is so rich, so distinctive, so engaging that you wonder if it has been bottled up from another era. Such can be said of Abi Cook, whose voice drips with the depth and rarity of a French perfume whose aroma captures the essence of another time, another place, another mood. Abi's voice, the perfect mélange of soul, jazz and R&B coupled with a graceful elegance, immediately transports you to another place as she effortlessly strokes the keys of her piano. She doesn't just sing you a song, she tells you a story.

Abi Cook is a professional singer/songwriter/recording artist and pianist who got her start at the age of 5 with a push broom in her parent's kitchen. It was evident even then that her voice was in no way ordinary. She developed her gift of voice in an urban church setting and, with the prompting of a friend, began writing her own music. Along with her own songs which resonate with hope, Abi also includes tasteful cover songs within her repertoire which highlight her unique styling of R&B, soul and jazz. Although the sound of her voice resonates a maturity beyond her years, she delivers a timely relevance that can best be described as "Norah Jones meets Joss Stone." Having performed in various venues across the United States, Abi has experience performing in a wide variety of settings. If you find yourself planning a wedding, party, reception, funeral, or a church service, Abi will add that intangible touch of class to any type of event. Whether the venue is the intimacy of a living room or the grandeur of a ballroom, Abi's voice permeates like the mist of a perfume- it captivates, it draws you in, and it certainly delights.